Oh, No! Not the KOS List!

Kiluvian a posted Oct 12, 14
Earlier tonight, I was informed by one of Phoenix Brigade's leaders that Contempt was being added to their alliance KOS List. So, in retaliation, we have created a KOS List of our own and have added them to it as well. Phoenix Brigade is confident because of their numbers, but we're not stupid enough to charge a large zerg that size; there are far better ways of destroying inferior guilds.

We've got a few aces up our sleeve, and we'll continue to evolve the guild as we grow our new community. Phoenix Brigade queued up for a rude awakening the moment they decide to mess with Contempt.

Contempt Website Launched

Kiluvian a posted Oct 2, 14
We've just launched the new Contempt website, a guild on the ArcheAge (NA) Salphira server!

For the time being, we've only got basic forums working; however, we will work diligently to increase the appeal and ease of use of both the forums and website. For now, we will upgrade the website as the guild size increases and as we need to utilize more features and automations.

Among the first things to be added will be an appropriate header banner and background, then we will fill things out from there, so please bare with us.

Contempt is actively recruiting players who consider themselves either aspiring or accomplished raiders in other MMORPG's. We are looking for team players that are willing to put the guild before the individual, so that we can progress as a team. We are only as strong as our weakest player, so we do require all recruits to go through a somewhat rigorous application process before they are accepted and invited to the guild.

If you have any questions, please post on our forums!

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